Diskutime te lira - Janar 2019


Hej Gjembi. Po sikur muri qe kemi perballe te jete Big, Beautiful, Concrete, Impenetrable and Terrific si i bohet ?


From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded" (Luke 12:48).Ku e ka kabim cupa?ti sikur je dhe kaur?


Never ever give up?


Nuk jemi ne mesimin e Bibles ketu zonje por jemi ne jeten reale.

Une nuk uroj qe ne pushtet te vijne socialistet ne SHBA,pasi nuk dua te emigroj perseri.


Po pse deklaroheni se jeni kaure kur nuk besoni se bible dihet perdorur si guide morale ne jeten reale?


100 vjetori i konferences se paqes ne paris 1919.
paris 1919
The Albanians were horrified, reported Wilson, who had received a number of petitions, at the thought of an Italian mandate. Perhaps they should have their independence. “I really don’t know what they would do with it,” replied Lloyd George, “except cut each other’s throats.” Albania would be just like the Scottish highlands in the fifteenth century. “Don’t speak ill of the mountains of Scotland,” said Wilson, “it is my family’s place of origin.” And that was the end of the matter as far as the Council of Four was concerned.840
In the summer of 1919, when a new and more conciliatory government came to power in Italy, it made an agreement with Venizelos, himself under pressure to settle Greece’s disputed claims. The deal was a matter of old-style horse-trading: Italy would
support Greek claims, including those to Thrace, if Greece gave up its claims to the territory Italy wanted in the southern part of Asia Minor. Italy would also hand over all of the Dodecanese islands except the most important one, Rhodes. (This was not as much of a sacrifice as it sounded, because Italy had no legal claim to them.) In the case of Albania, Italy agreed that Greece should have the south; in return, Greece would recognize Italy’s possession of the port of Vlorë and its hinterland, and an Italian mandate over what was left. As a symbol of the new spirit of compromise, a railway would be built from Vlorë to Athens.
Almost immediately, other powers raised objections. The French refused to leave Korçë until a more general settlement was achieved. The new state of Yugoslavia was agitated at the thought of so much Italian territory along its borders. And if Greece and Italy were getting pieces of Albania, then it wanted some in the north.
The final blow to the agreement came in February 1920 from an unexpected quarter. President Wilson, defeated in his struggle to get the Treaty of Versailles accepted by Congress, still clung to his principles. The United States, he said in a note to his European allies, was not prepared to do an injustice to the people of Albania. By the spring, the Albanians were in full-scale revolt against the Italian occupation. By August, Italy was prepared to sign an armistice that left it with only the island of Sazan, facing the port of Vlorë. “It is very sad,” commented an Italian newspaper, “to witness this debacle after so much noble and generous Italian blood has been given and so many millions have been expended for a great work of civilisation and for the security of our frontiers.”841 The French pulled out of Korçë, and Greece and Yugoslavia, for the time being, dropped their demands. At the end of 1920 Albania was admitted to the League of Nations as an independent state, its boundaries virtually the same as they had been in 1913.


Ti po pranon qe Berisha eshte socialist? Sikur ke thene qe je larguar nga Shqiperia gjate regjimit te Berishes.


Une jam larguar ne gusht 1998.
Ndoshta me ke ngaterruar me ndonje tjeter.


Keto jane punet e hasmit. Shqiptari vet eshte qelibar dhe nuk ka te beje me asnje nga ato vrasjet, pengmarrjet a bizneset e droges qe shohim perdite gazetave.
Vendi eshte i pushtuar tha, serbi e do kufirin ne Shkumbin, Mali i zi mban peng Shkodren…Ushtrite e mbretit Jorgo kane mare Himaren e po i afrohen Korces.


Jo po thone se I sajon shkaba :blush: shiqo si flet emigranti qe ka 20 vjet pa shkel ne shqiperi .


Atehere e terheq mbrapsht cfare thashe.



Te pakten kriminelet tane jane integruar ne europe :blush:


Karenti paska per te ikur ne Brazil po erdhen socialistet ne pushtet ne ShBA. Megjithese gjithmone ne varesi te punes. Po ndryshoi pune, do votoje per socialistet.


Keto jane punet e emigranteve deshtake, ata jane kolona e peste. Ata futen te infiltruar si diversantet dikur, mbjellin hashash, perhapin korrupsionin, sjellin paligjshmerine. E me gjithe syceltesine e Shkabave superiore, ia kane dale deri tashme. Por megjithate kane per te marre goditjen e grushtit te celikte te Shkabave superiore qe gjithe diten rrine kafeneve nje dite.


Kuptohet, se ne fund te fundit emigrantet nuk jane shqiptare…


Kam frike se po mbyllet dhe ajo dere


Brazili e futi ne burg presidentin.Eshte shume para nesh ne kete drejtim.
Ne e beme president hajdutin.
Si e kam Sajmir Tahirin me shoke?


ne jena para Brazilit se kena fut n’burg Ramizin!


Mire e ke Karento. Po sidomos Sala te ben te fala, e ka marre shume malli per ty.