Qelibar (“Hotel by the river” – film koreano-jugor me regji të Hong Sang-soo)

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Ne nje bote pa kuptim, pse te kete filmi kuptim? Paguj bileten aty e leri llafet!

Nese jeta eshte pa kuptim, pse te kete vdekja kuptim?
Ha buke aty e leni llafet!

Stalker (dhe korrikse qe shkon mbas berihajt), kape kete qe ka thene Sokurov, dishepull dhe vazhdues i vepres se Tarkovskij, qe eshte nuni jot:

Sokurov had much he wanted to share with the Qumra audience, frequently consulting a blue notebook and even reading a verse from the Koran: “There are many angels in the sky but their protection does not guarantee your safety”.

He expressed concern about the state of contemporary film, citing the lack of moral compass in characters as an overriding flaw in Western films in particular. “A person’s moral motivation is more important for me but American films only speak about the social motivation of their characters.”

Sokurov was also critical of romanticised portraits of violence, war and death, admitting it leads him to avoid the films of many directors, although he didn’t mention any names.

“Sometimes when making up my mind whether I want to watch a film or not, I check what kind of a person the director is,” he said. “If he’s somebody who enjoys making creepy, horrible films, then maybe I don’t watch it. He might be very talented but deep down he will carry within himself this destructive energy of going against life.”

“Even if we can see that cinema brings something nice to our lives, we are living with the colossal and mind-blowing destructive impact that cinema brings with it since the ‘70s,” he added.